Sweetheart Pasta

This is by far the simplest, yet most delicious, pasta dish I make. I call it “Sweetheart Pasta” because it became our favorite date weekend, make-at-home treat while Jack and I were dating in 1999. It seems so simple now, but back then, we enjoyed making this, while sharing a bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, and cutting up tomatoes, onions and garlic together. We always added a loaf of fresh Italian bread from Gallucci’s Italian Market in Cleveland. Now it’s fresh bread from Mazzaro’s Italian Market.

In season, substitute 6 to 8 peeled, seeded and diced golden tomatoes for the canned, diced tomatoes. Always use fresh basil, but if it’s absolutely not available, select a mixture of parsley, thyme and rosemary.


Famished Fish, Finicky Shark Love


The Famished Fish, Finicky Shark has created a beautiful and delicious salad featuring my Out of the Weeds Roasted Beet Vinaigrette Artisan Dressing and the combination of flavors is truly divine. Fresh asparagus and arugula, candied bacon and gorgonzola cheese. I know you’re looking for a new recipe to try this week, and another way […]

The Raw ABC’s of Owning a Restaurant


As Jack and I approach our six-year anniversary as restaurant owners, I decided to share some of the many things we’ve learned along the way.  Not the warm and fuzzy stuff – follow your dreams, if you are passionate you will succeed, if you build it they will come, etc.; but rather the nuts and […]

New Orleans for NYE AND A Buckeye Victory


New Orleans is one of my favorite cities not only in the U.S., but the world. The people, food, music, culture, art, architecture, sounds, and yes, even the things that make it undesirable to some; the smells, fog and humidity. I love it all. Could I live here again? Probably not, but for a brief […]

New Year’s Eve Memories


When I think back to the holidays I spent growing up in Fairview, New Year’s Eve actually evokes many, if not most, of my childhood happy holiday memories. I could speculate why that is, but that’s for a much longer, much more revealing testimony. I only have one memory of Mom and Dad going out […]

My Christmas Gratitude List for 2014


Thank you, Santa! What I wish for Christmas is already here. Jack, Rooney and Coco are snuggled in bed. Mackenzie just left the house to start her early work day. And I woke to these boots and a solo sock, reminding me that Zach is upstairs and home for Christmas. Feeling blessed is an understatement. […]

Irish Christmas Cake

Irish Christmas Cake

Fruit cake is not for me, although growing up, there was always at least one in our house from mid-December through New Years. My grandmother made them, my mom made them, a few of the neighbors made them. I’m not sure who ate them, but everyone seemed to make them. I have a few holiday […]

Christmas Eve Menu

Entertaining year round is a favorite past time of mine, but there’s something special about hosting holidays, especially Christmas. I enjoy hosting a Christmas Eve dinner for family, friends, and anyone who may not have somewhere to spend the evening. It’s become a tradition over the years for us to enjoy an Italian feast, and […]

Christmas Eve Lasagna Bolognese


This hearty lasagna will please your meat lovers, and is more delicious warmed up on Christmas Day evening, when no one wants to do any more cooking. I make my Bolognese sauce December 22nd, and the bechamel December 23rd. Here’s what you’ll need for everything.

Christmas Eve Winter Greens Lasagna


I like to have a vegetarian offering, and this winter greens recipe has been the most popular of my attempts. Even my family and friends who are not Swiss chard and kale fans often end up choosing this over my hearty beef bolognese lasagna.